The Crotch March on Washington, D.C.

This parade of holistic hippie females with generation who next wannabe girls is more about a parade of bad temper tantrum and sour grapes because Trump won the election.  From what I saw on the news this march was about women’s rights.  I was trying to figure out what rights as women we didn’t have.  Then several different messages from the participants where reported. Basically, lots of different people (male & female) took this time to set up their own agendas while they their 10 minutes of fame on cable TV.

Several reasons why this Crotch march is such a farce:

These females still haven’t figured out what to do with all the hidden anger they have over Trump winning the election.  They played all the tricks they had from getting living a recording from 10 years ago about pussy grabbing to digging up recycled porn stars who suddenly want to moral correct about their perceived  encounter Trump.  If pussy grabbing was such a bad thing then all these females would be virgins and not mothers.  Then too much pussy grabbing will make you become a porn star like Jessica Drake who managed to make a living at showing her crotch on cinema.  Go figure!!!!

These females have none other than Donald Trump to thank for bringing this even together.  There so called protest were started because our president was putting American first and ruffled feathers of people that are so use to getting everything to go their way.  He has inspired a bunch of nobodies to come together.  Think about it if it were not for him  these females that have never done anything in their lives would just be continuing  the same business as usual of doing nothing.  Now learn how it feels to live like the rest of America that is not so privileged.

Why aren’t these females protesting women’s right in the middle east?  Women have basic civil and advanced rights in your western countries.  Middle eastern countries are still extremely barbaric towards women rights and health care.  They practice sharia law which was brought here by immigrants from these countries.  Yes that does include beheading of females for the minuscule of reasons.  This does include the marriage of 12 year old females to 60 year old men or even young girls being used as sex slaves.

If you are worried about your pussy being grabbed then I am sure there should be some concern about gentile mutilation.  This barbaric ritual is so ingrained in some cultures that you have women bringing the young daughters to have this done in the filthiest of conditions. There is no religious reason why this happens.  But these pink pussy hat girls are only worried about losing birth control so they can’t screw their boyfriends and not get pregnant.


This picture which was done to sell MAC lipstick received derogatory remarks about the shape and size of the model’s lips. Where were all the female loving Woman’s Right marchers?   Why is this important?  This march is not color blind and it is not dealing with issues that affect all female communities.  I am sure women in the march saw this picture and said nothing of the horrible remarks it unjustly received.

o-female-olympic-athletes-facebookWill these women be out and support all female athletes and movies?  How many of these gals know there are female football teams and female basketball teams in most major cities?  Do you know that female athletes don’t get paid as much as men in their respective sports?  In their convoluted message did you here anything about this?  They want to support woman rights but they can support all women athletes.



Do you really think these celebrities care for you?  If they cared for you then why haven’t  pooled their money together and start a nonprofit corporation  together with the sole purpose for women’s health care.  I would have to question any celebrity on their motives at marches because they are trying to do their best to stay relevant in the public view of them.  The Lawmakers are there as a photo opportunity for reelection. You didn’t see these celebrities come out for Hurricane Katrina or when Black men were being shot up by the police.  Have they done anything after the marches? Why was Madonna there?  This woman is the epitome of women’s rights. In her hey day, she made a living exposing her crotch and naked body in books, videos and magazines.  She said she wants to torch the white house? She also said she wished she was Malcolm X while draped in an American flag back in the 80’s.  Scarlett Johansson has a movie coming out that is controversial because she is portraying a cartoon Japanese woman. I can see the resemblance of her being Japanese.  I haven’t seen Ashley Judd in several years so this may be the biggest thing she done on the world stage since her divorce….


What these women fail to realize is at the end of the day this life is about personal responsibility.  If you do not make the right decision and the best moves for yourself then you will be in need of public assistance. I always thought public assistance was aide to help people and families.  Now it is used as a crutch for folks that really don’t want to work that hard but want to reap the benefits of being taken care of with out worry (i.e. the welfare state).  Having had insurance through my jobs, I never had to worry about health insurance because I made these choices to keep my skills update to date and have a stable home life.  No matter what walk of life you may be in you have the power to make change in your life to were you won’t need to have temper tantrum marches  for rights that you can achieve through being responsible for your life.






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