Are we REALLY banning Muslims?

Are we really banning Muslims?  Let’s sit and think about this.

Is the United States of America really banning Muslims?  

Is America banning refugees and citizens that are known to sponsor terrorism?  

Is America preventing innocent people from war torn countries from asylum ?  

Ask yourself will you sell more papers by saying these countries have travel advisory bans or there is a travel advisory ban on Muslims.

 The ban is on countries that are known to sponsor domestic and international terrorism. We need to be careful of the language that is being used because most of it is incorrect. The executive order  affects citizens from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia.  It bars people from these nations from entering the United States for 90 days.  Authorities said this includes people with current visas who may have temporarily departed, some of whom were detained or turned around after attempting to return to the U.S.  Folks all of these countries have historical ties to terrorist activities, genocide and violence toward women.  If have grown up with this behavior it is not a large leap to suggest you may bring this type of culture to the USA.   Let’s think further if a Muslim person was in Italy they could still travel to the US because we do not have a travel advisory with that country. People from the before mention countries (i.e. different ethnic groups associate with the respective countries, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist) can not come to this country because their countries association with international / domestic terrorist activities.

QUESTION….Where was the outrage for citizens of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina?  The US government was extremely slow to act. How many people rioted for help?  

QUESTION….Where was the  outrage for Haiti when the earthquake happened?  Haiti still hasn’t rebuilt completely and everybody has seemed to forgot about Haiti.  All the celebrities have moved on to do more movies. How many people  rioted for help? 

Why should we allow people onto our soil that could possibly be an international terrorist and bring their brand of justice into our land?  These are also same countries that have very little civil rights and justice for women, believe in sharia law, think honor killings are acceptable, have no laws that resembles the 1st amendment nor the right for peaceful assembly unless you are through bombs.  These people normally do not assimilate into our culture and remain very loyal to each other no matter the cost.   Americans have such short term memories. This was proven with in recent history where the families of the assailant knew the person was mentally unstable and didn’t do anything till it was too late (ie. the Boston marathon massacre, Pulse nightclub shooting, Riverside, CA murders, the Bastille Day celebration massacres).  All of these points have been proven in recent American / European history.    The attacks in France and in Belgium all have some sort of ties to these countries.  If a Isis terrorist or another international terrorist hate group wanted to come here undetected…immigrating as a refugee would be the easiest way to do this.

If they were to come here I would want them micro chipped or at least have an ankle monitoring system on them. I would not want them to have the ability to roam freely around without regular notification of their whereabouts.   Our own immigration program has proven it can not keep track of educational visa people when they are here. I would want retina scans, finger prints, DNA work up so they could not change their identity.  I know some people would object to this but it is a matter of security for our country.  These people are unknown to us and therefore we must treat them in a way that demands dignity as well as respect for our own country.  I don’t want them learning how to manipulate the system like our friends from south of the border.  Ask any illegal alien Mexican immigrants how easy it is to get deported and come back or how to get government assistance and send the money back to family south of the border.

People we must ask ourselves why we aren’t attacked by international terrorist on a regular basis?  I use the word international terrorists because you don’t have be Muslim or believe in the Islamic faith to be a terrorist.  Our location of being a semi floating island is one reason.  The other is we have wonderful counter intelligence that normally thwarts most of the attacks before they are started.  Every few months you hear about a planned attack that was dismantled by counter intelligence.  So we should be thankful these terrorist haven’t been able to make the USA pit stop for their evil practices.  Immigration is the next natural step in the process…

Is there Life on Mars?


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