Immigrant vs. Illegal Alien…What’s the difference?

With all the hoopla over the terrorism/refugee temporary ban, I began to notice something of a  difference in the language used among protesters and celebrities alike.  People were shouting the word immigrant. The word has taken on a whole new meaning in the past several days.  The term “Immigrant” is now associated with highly educated people coming from European and Middle Eastern countries that come to the USA as skilled and technical workers.  In an article that I read on it clearly stated that immigrants were the doctors, engineers, IT guys, nurses, professors, business owners etc. I found this to be interesting since I have never heard illegal aliens or undocumented workers referred to as being just immigrants.  I certainly have not heard any illegal aliens having the lofty job titles that were mentioned earlier.  About a year ago there was a bus of illegal children trying to come across the border in California. There were Americans protesting the crossing of the border and the disembarkment of the illegal alien kids from the bus.  I think the bus eventually headed back south of the border.  The issue hear was that nobody protested these illegal alien kids in the same manner as the people did at the airports for the immigrants.  Why???  They are not that valuable.  Lets be clear what type of job illegal aliens are fighting for:  dishwasher, fast food server, manufacturing person, lawnmower, street vendor, construction worker, car wash worker, etc…

Now in California, members of  the legislature are trying use the word immigrant for everybody to muddy the waters.  The “undocumented worker” is now an “immigrant” on the same level as the people being banned at the airports.  The fact that illegal aliens are normally without higher education and didn’t get the proper documentation suddenly makes them on the pathway to martyrdom as with the immigrants.  NOT!!!  The hypocrisy is totally unreal to treat illegal aliens as a  special class of immigrants.  The people affected by the ban are people that filled out the proper paper work and obtained visa, green cards etc…  Illegal aliens are illegal because they came across the border like rats and then have the nerve to demand equality when they stolen benefits that would have been give to legal immigrants.  There money they get from odd jobs will go back to the country of origin to help family members.  People don’t be fooled by the word choice and don’t make the mistake thinking they are the same.  There are people in government who have loyalties to illegal aliens.  They don’t care about immigrants let alone American interests. They are counting you to make a mistake in thinking and treating immigrants and illegal aliens the same.  Rights and privileges that should have gone to Americans and American children are being squandered and shared with people who didn’t earn the right.  If you don’t believe me…just watch and listen.


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