Don’t be Bamboozled !

I offer this plea to all Americans especially if you are African American.  Don’t be fooled by the sudden out pouring of “token” support during Black History month.  These token folks have no problem telling African American folks to “go back to Africa” if you don’t agree with them. I have worked with plenty of international folks that have lived here in the U.S.A. for decades that did not know Black History, Juneteenth and Kwanzaa ever existed. Some how always found the time to volunteer their ethnic holidays or events.  When I first came to live in Los Angeles, it surprised me that Black history month was hardly ever mentioned or spoken about in media or socially.  Suddenly now with the political climate, people are trying their best to rally the troops and get support for their causes while not even blinking an eye at causes that have affected African Americans.  Don’t give me this idea that “we are all Gods children.”  If that was a true statement then we would not have encountered so much of violence and ignorance that was directed at the African American community since reconstruction.

Always be suspect of new people coming to the table and using Black historical figures to try and endear your sympathy to their causes.  Normally there is an agenda.

Ask yourself did any of these new found Black history supporters protest any of the following:

  1. The Flint, Michigan water crises?
  2. Reparations?
  3. Black men/women being shot by the police?
  4. How the citizens of New Orleans were just left to die after Hurricane Katrina?
  5. Indians with African ancestry were kicked out of the Cherokee Nation?

Remember they want you to go out to the airports or stomp around at the capitol building in the rain for immigrant rights that directly come from the suffrage of Black folks in the 1960’s.  Suddenly now everybody is an immigrant if you are here in the U.S.A.   Nobody ever mentions the history of the African slaves and their journey to the Americas.  If these people can not be bother enough to classify the African Slave in the proper context do you think they will notice anything else with involving African Americans?

Again don’t be bamboozled by people or celebrities soliciting your support always question motives….



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