Is there room for love on Mars?

Today is the day where everybody is suppose to confess their admiration to their special someone. I am at a coffee shop  called Tom -N-Toms in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles).  This is where I saw my first luvie dovie couple for the day.  It was a young Asian couple that giggled and laughed as they walked up to the counter  Just the idea of expressing love to some thing or to someone seems to be perfectly fine with me.   It is amazing how love comes in many shapes, hues, sizes and as a matter of perceptive in the eye of the beholder. As a population we seem to be so conditioned to seeing the flip side or the twisted side of something that has been given the name love.   If people really understood what love meant and how it feels to be in love I have little doubt people would respect its presence more.  As I have gotten older I have begun to believe less in the power of love and innocence.  I always think there is a motive to someone treating a person a certain way.  To do things because it may be something nice or the “right thing to do” is totally beyond my thinking.  So to see the young Asian couple being to happy and lovie was refreshing.  I don’t dare to think about the twisted side that I am accustomed to seeing.  I wish them the best as I would wish any other person that has been able to experience energy of being in love or at least liking somebody/something that has shown their affection back.

Yes, there is room for love on Conservative Life on Mars! Just ask for a reservation….


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