No Love for Stupid Red Head? How does it feel to be bullied like Donald Trump?


Stupid is as Stupid does.

Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re gonna get.  In this case,  Kathy Griffin chose the wrong box of chocolates and she was not prepared for the situations brought on by her choices.  One would think at 56 years of age that Kathy would know what parts of the human experience should be left untouched by comedy. Some how she allowed herself to be talked into performing a very misguided prank.  I can’t recall any place in time where the act of pseudo killing somebody let alone a beheading was suppose to be amusing, insightful, a “learning experience”, “a cautionary tale,” or even funny. Caught up in the era of liberal hoopla of Trump bashing she made the choice to follow her photographer’s vision of pushing the envelope further than anybody else.  They both felt there weren’t any limits to Trump bashing but did not realize there were limits to presidential bashing.  Liberals have been pushing the line on uncivilized behavior since the beginning of Trumps presidency.  These actions have gone unchecked and even been encouraged by prominent members of society and elected officials.  Griffin, her photographer and others have been lulled into thinking there were no bounds to their form of protest since most of the atrocities done in the name of free speech did not lead into any consequences.  Now we know this is not true.  There is a limits that most deemed intolerable.  The president is a very important person to this country whether you voted or not.  The president’s status demands he is protected at all times from domestic and international disobedience.  When Obama received threats all of them were taken very seriously and investigated.  Why should this be different?Nobody twisted her arm to do this.   In the spirit of first amendment,  this was a choice and her choice.


This press conference is completely laughable? She stated she is now being bullied by the President because of his tweets and the formal backlash from all sides.  Bullied? Give me a break!  The amount of bulling President Trump deals with on a daily basis is exponentially greater than what Kathy Griffin could ever handle.  If the roles were reversed she would have beheaded her own self by now.


It is time to pick up our big girl panties no matter how bad they stink and just admit it was a seriously lapse in judgement to  do this stunt.  Just admit you were used as a sacrificial cow by your photographer.  Your photographer ruined what was left of your life.  He was looking looking for somebody on the downside of their career to promote a ridiculous idea of beheading the president.  Funny thing it was his idea but you are experiencing all the attention from it. With all the beheadings that have happened in the Middle East and with Mexico cartels why would this be an “edgy” fertile  ground to explore? The both of you must live in a netherworld bubble where sick fantasies are common place.   The only thing you are sorry for is the fact that you didn’t receive all the accolades you thought you were suppose to get.  You got demonized by the very same people that you were trying to impress to revitalize your sagging career.  How does it feel to be Donald Trump for a day or two?


So my dear, YOU ARE THE VICTIM? Donald Trump was correct in calling your act of barbarism sick.  I expect this type of propaganda from ISIS than from an American citizen.  Melania had the right of every mother to question Griffin’s mental health.  How do you think she is going to explain to her son that some people thinks is cool to suggest his father should have his head removed?  Now you have the audacity to think a simple 30 sec video apology was going to suffice for suggestion that our President should face the guillotine?  You suggested to the world that our President (whether you like him or not) should have his head cut off.  In case you were still in the sick bubble fantasy that is the perception you presented.  You still think that you are a victim?  Why don’t you call out all the liberals that actually think you went to far in your 1st amendment rights.  Remember in this country you have the freedom to express yourself.  The first amendment doesn’t protect you from the backlash that may come from the choice of your actions…. You are pathetic and now want sympathy because you can not handle all the attention you wanted……   Cheers.


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