Why Black folks don’t want to work — LA Edition


I was reading a column from an acquaintance of mine here in Los Angeles.  She is well known for activism in the dwindling Black community of this town.  She wrote an article concerning the response she got from the manager of a IHOP (International House of Pancakes) located in the So Cal.  Why aren’t there more Blacks (African-Americans) working at that location was the inquisitive question.  The highest Black populations are in the southern cities of Los Angeles.  For those, not familiar with Los Angeles, the city is composed of plenty of towns, suburbs and sections that are clustered together. If you are not familiar with the geography is it easier to just call everything “Los Angeles.”  Job Fairs happen all the time in plenty of these cities and yet small numbers of Blacks seem to be hired.  The answer she got was that “Blacks don’t want to work.”


The problem with the employment of Blacks in unskilled and skilled jobs is a little more complex than “Blacks don’t want to work.”   Impart, I do believe this to be true on some levels.  Blacks tend to be more concerned about protesting for hair discrimination and police violence then language barrier discrimination.  Language discrimination would be more prevalent that the other examples.


1)The techy divided… Companies use online applications instead of paper applications. So all you folks out there that don’t want to kill trees and worried about your carbon foot step … this is for you. Blacks are the first to mention there is a technical divide between us and other cultures however Blacks are the last to try and learn the simplest of computers (ie. smart phones) or social media.  I have met more Blacks of all age groups that refuse to learn internet /cell phones/ facebook and how ultimately either platform can help them find jobs and housing.  My good friend has a father that is 96 y/o that is constantly on the internet when he is not painting… what is your excuse?


2)Spanish barrier… Several years ago I noticed that companies were having classes to teach Hispanic workers how to speak English for free. Never observed the reverse. Currently if a Black applicant is not bilingual they aren’t considerated for labor work and even technical jobs. Black folks are more concerned about employers being accepting of the crazy Black women hair styles than trying to get rid of this language barrier for fast food or unskilled labor jobs.

On FB, I saw a plethora of postings about the Black women’s hair being discriminated.  I saw very little postings about dissatisfaction of Blacks being forced out of the labor market because of Spanish language barrier. Which is more important for living? I say if you see this bilingual preference start boycotting that store and let them know. Purchase your items on ebay and such.



3)Freeloader/shiftless… I had a friend whose job was to help find work for folks that didn’t have the skills in finding jobs on their own. All I ever heard from her was complaints on how people would not show up for job interviews, people quitting after 1 week, never returned phone calls, never took anything seriously as long as they got some benefits. She constantly received calls from her manager stating that her clients complained about her.  Why?  Because the job they got was not their liking.  What gives?

I have another friend that cleaned the airplanes at LAX. He told me his employer can’t keep Black folks on the job because they would get fired for excessive absences. The Black folks often complained the work was too hard or the hours were too long for them. What gives you are cleaning an airplane?!!! If all you have to do is clean planes what is wrong? Don’t make excuses. My friend told me the Hispanic workers clean the planes with the precision of ninjas and never complained. He would come home super tired because Black folks wouldn’t show up for work. ..betcha they were staying with Momma and didn’t have to worry about rent.


4)Gov’t cheese… We have to take some of the blame in how we are raising our children let alone the adults for the past 40 years. We have not enforced and re-enforced the thought of working hard and learning hard.  We don’t enforce the idea of having your own job/house/and responsibilities is something to be proud of and increases your selfworth.  I remember how people would brag about getting gov’t services for this and that. Many college girlfriends of mine popped out unwed kids and then be first in line at the wic office for gov’t cheese. Why was this important? Learning to make better decisions, spend no more than what you can afford, and save what you can is how I lived in college. Kept your fertility under tight control. People knew how the gov’t system worked better than the classes they were paying for college.


5)Fertility… God said multiply and we gonna multiply.  We are humans and not animals. Humans have the ability to control themselves even in the most heated of situations.  Better yet just don’t get something started if you are not prepared.  The most important thing anybody can do is to keep their fertility in tight control.  We have enough single mothers and fatherless children in the Black community.  You can argue this point all day.  A 2 paycheck home is always better than than a single paycheck.


5)My MOMMA… I have meet more MEN of ALL ages still living with their momma here in LA. I have always seen this as part of the problem with young folks here. The majority of the population come thousands miles away, and will live 3 people to a room in a house and struggle to make it in Hollywood. That is dedication. Flip side is we also have Black folks that will stay with MOMMA till she dies. You have MEN that have produced grown children, never married the child’s mother- still living with momma with no job.  This is  acceptable to the mother.  This is crazy.  I often question why theses so called child producing men haven’t created a stable life for themselves in 30-50 years of living as a man(?) . This is being passed down to their children that it is cool to not create a good life and go home to live with momma if life fails you.


5)And yes the race card… I do believe in the race card when it comes to the work place because I have experienced. If you have a bunch of folks from one race all ready in place they will keep hiring their own to upset the balance. Sometimes they will make accommodations for illegals too.  Since Black folks want to live with momma and don’t own anything we can’t even hire our own.  We won’t go into why Black folks don’t even support other Black business.

Finally I am done! 🙂


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