What is a conservative home?  Now and days doesn’t seem like there isn’t a conservative place to call home and rest your head and worries.  Every place feels like a transplant to a foster home.  Even at home I fear retribution from those that don’t understand the conservative view.  I fear people that want their 15 minutes of fame and want the cliff notes version of 1st amendment.  People don’t understand how either of these circumstances work and and like complimenting their own ignorance on the subject matter.

Conservative Life On Mars is a home for people that don’t fit in to the normal life of being politically conservative but living in a liberally vibrant environment.

Inspired by the election of Donald Trump and the wildly orgasmic protests coupled with the titillating tantrums of liberal left brats this  place should serve as place where normal thinking conservative of all levels can come and read my thoughts……

I have always been scared or advised not to show my true self and express my true thoughts.  Being among the African American community if you don’t play follow the leader and drink the kool-aid no matter how dirty and foul tasting you are labeled as non-team player.  I am so happy to have found more non-team players that share my views.  It was lonely to be made fun of ….to called common racial slurs….to be considered a trader to the Black race because of the expression and use of the 1st amendment.  For the longest time I have chose to hide my true feelings because I didn’t want to loose friends who feared the knowledge of understanding my views.  Funny it is easier to hate me than to understand some body with a different view and life.

Sometimes I wonder if there is Life on Mars and how it is happier to not be associated with the craziness of the earth.