Missed Education of the RichWhite Female

dummiesMissed Education of the Rich Female White Female

The statements made by the current Secretary of Education- Betsy DeVos were disparaging.  She should check out Dummies guide to HBCU’s from the library. Her staff should be required to read Brown v/s the Board of Education transcripts.  Miseducation of the Negro is another good book for mental digestion too.  What else should I expect from a super rich Caucasian female that purchased her cabinet seat?   Even though I do support Trump, I did question his choice in Betsy DeVos.  One would have thought her advisers would have briefed her on the history of HBCU’s since Trump is endorsing their existence.


She is clearly not qualified for the position but qualifications are not always the determining factor in getting high profile jobs.  I blame all the republican congress men that accepted donations from her family.  I also blame the democrats and the liberals that were too focused on their crotch protest marches and protesting to let this slide by their watchful eyes.  Instead of all the protesting -which has yielded zero results- they could have focused their efforts to all the republican congress persons that were up for re-election and promise to bring political hell over high water in their states and to their political contributors.    A liberal mind should be a great thing to waste.  I digress…..



For the record, regular schools DID fail the Black population.  Regular schools REFUSED to educate the Black population.  HBCU’s were started as a first choice to educate the Black population beside trade schools.  My grandfather was supposed to receive an advanced degree from Louisiana State University and upon completion he was told they didn’t give such documents to Negroes (aka Niggers).   Again, I would have to fault Secretary DeVos as well as her advisers for not investigating HBCU’s more thoroughly.  In her efforts to be brilliant and clever somehow I think she will spend more time correcting such gaffes and simpleton mistakes.  Can anybody say Dan Quayle?

SECOND CHOICE STATUS not exactly off base…..

danvile_front-page_-1024x587On the flip side, I cannot remember a time in political history that HBCU’s have received a superfluous amount of free media attention.  You cannot pay good money for this spotlight.  Besides reporting her gaffes, this was a wonderful time to report on the plight of HBCU’s.   The fact that Trump’s administration was trying to help HBCU’s  was very promising.  Even if Trump’s motives are questioned, I only see this as a windfall in the favor of HBCU’s.  We will not see any HBCU presidents refusing any type of aid and help from the government.  Black folks are quite accustomed to getting help from the government so this may actually be a blessing.  I remember the lip service of the Clinton administration.   Not sure what happened in the Bush administration did.  Don’t remember Obama visiting an HBCU even though Nelson Mandela did.   Again, I don’t remember any other president that made a big effort to reach out to HBCU’s in the same manner as Trump.   Most states that have HBCU’s are in a constant battle to try and close them down stating they are out dated.  They still serve a purpose in having a rolling admission system and allowing any and all people who have a dream to go to college.  That ability for the Black population to go to college was transferred to immigrants from other countries.


The best way to get into the USA was to become a foreign exchange student at a university.  HBCU’s commonly give immigrants scholarships to attract them.   People from other countries that can’t get into a “regular” Caucasian universities will normally apply to HBCU’s and be admitted promptly.  Now, aren’t HBCU’s for Black folks?  Well, yes but Blacks who have converted to being called African American are going to regular universities especially if they are athletes.  Some would say African Americans going to regular universities are losing their Blackness.  This was the trend like African American males fucking White pussy for the first time.  Now it happens all the time and is a right of passage.  It all pink in the middle but it serves a purpose.   I digress……